Race Classes *

    TOURING CAR SUPER STOCK - 17.5 motors. 4WD Sedan (Gravity RC Hand Out Tire - One set included in entry fee)
    TOURING CAR Open Modified - Open motors. Open ESC's. 4WD Sedan (Gravity RC Hand Out Tire - One set included in entry fee)
    USVTA - 25.5 motors only. 4WD Late 60's to Early 70's Pony Car (Protoform VTA tire only)
    USGT - 21.5 motors. 4WD GT Car (Gravity USGT tires only + Any spoked rim)
    WORLD GT-R - 17.5 motors. RWD GT Car (CRC WGT-R Rubber tires only)
    1:12 STOCK - 17.5 motors. RWD Grand Touring Prototype (JFT Blue Stripe foam tires only)
    1:12 SUPER STOCK - 13.5 Motors. RWD Grand Touring Prototype (open foam tire)
    1:12 MODIFIED - Open motors. RWD Grand Touring Prototype (open foam tire)
    FORMULA 1 - 25.5 motors only. RWD Formula 1 (USVTA rules will be followed)
    MAN TRUCKS - Truck Pentathlon

    * Classes are subject to change at any time.
    ** Permitted motors and ESC's must be on ROAR's approved lists to be elligible for this event.

Practice Day

  • There will be open & controlled practice on Thursday, March ?? / 2019.
  • This practice is included in your entry fees as long as you are paid before the Early Bird Deadline of midnight, Sunday, February ??, 2019
  • Practice will be open during the beginning of the day, meaning all classes could be on the track at the same time, so please respect your fellow drivers. Some of the slower cars may not see the faster ones coming up behind them, so please keep an eye on traffic. Length of open practice will be based on attendance at that time.
  • Practice times are from 8:00am to 11:00pm (subject to change at any time).

Track & Pit Notes

  • Race to be held at the Seaway Mall 800 Niagara Street, Welland, Ontario (click here for maps)
  • Permitted traction compound = Jack The Gripper, SXT 3.0, Sticky Fingers, Gravity RC.
  • Pit tables, chairs, & power sources will be provided, but power sources may not reach each individual table.
  • It is encouraged to bring your own pit table, if you'd like. Please keep personal tables to within 6'x2.5' per pit space (each driver). Larger tables are permitted if pitting more than one driver.
  • Bring your own extension cords & power bars
  • LiPo battery sacks for charging are now mandatory.
  • Your entry fee includes one plate for the meal being provided at trackside by Ye Olde Squire. Additional plates will be available for $15/plate. Please add extra plates on your entry form so we can get an accurate count for food quantities required.
  • A cash bar will be available during the meal on Saturday evening. All drinks must remain inside the track/pit area. Please drink responsibly.

Motor Tech Includes - may include but not limited to:

  • Motors will be dropped off at the Motor Tech table and retrieved when the inspection process is complete.
  • Rotor Inspection
  • Stator Resistance
  • Motors that are determined to be above room temperature may be impounded until officials are satisfied with the temperature enough to test them.

  • Trackside Tech Includes - may include but not limited to:

  • Weight
  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Temp
  • Ride Height
  • "Blinky" ESC Mode
  • Latest Approved ESC Firmware
  • Body/Wing compliance
  • Motor compliance
  • TBD

  • Entry Fees and Forms

  • TBD
    ** NOTE ** If you wish to use a single set of tires for multiple classes, please contact race organizers so we can give you the apropriate price break on the affected classes.

  • ENTRY DEADLINE is Midnight, Sunday, March ?? / 2019.

  • EARLY BIRD DEADLINE is Midnight Sunday, February ??/ 2019. If your Payment is received no later than midnight of this date you will be able to attend an open practice on Thursday , March 22 at no additional cost. You will also be permitted to pick a personalized car number (first paid gets first pick). There may also be additional Early Bird bonuses to be announced at a later date. Any entry after the Early Bird Deadline will receive a car number at race officials choosing. ** NOTE ** There will be no refunds after the Early Bird Deadline of Midnight Sunday, February ?? / 2019.

  • Please make sure your payment is received before the Final Entry Deadline of Midnight, Sunday, March ?? / 2019. Registering for the event will get you on the drivers list, but payment must still be received before the entry deadline to get you a spot in the event.

  • A late fee of $40 CAD will apply for anyone registering after the final Registration Deadline - Midnight, Sunday, March ?? / 2019.

  • Entry forms can be mailed to Digital Detail, 23 Hagar St, Welland, ON. Canada, L3B 4J7
  • Cheques are to be made out to Digital Detail and can be mailed to Digital Detail, 23 Hagar St, Welland, ON. Canada, L3B 4J7
  • Entry fees through PayPal send to conrc@digitaldetail.ca
  • Entry fees through EMT or e-transfer send to conrc@digitaldetail.ca.

  • An entry form in .pdf format that can be printed and mailed will be linked here when registration is opened.

    Local Accommodations

    Canada's Best Value Inn

    1030 Niagara Street, Welland, Ontario - 905-735-6666
    (less than 2 minutes away)

    Best Western Plus Rose City Suites

    300 Prince Charles Drive, Welland, Ontario - 1-800-387-8186
    (10 minutes away)

    Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Hotel

    6400 Lundy's Ln., Niagara Falls, Ontario - 1-800-263-2551
    (20 minutes away)

    Personal Transponder Chart

  • MRT transponders DO work with the decoder we are using.
  • Any between MRT and AMB & My Laps transponders will require the MRT user to change the number in they're transponder. Conflicts between MRT/MRT users that can't be resolved mutually will be resolved by the race director without arguement.

          • NEWS

          Feb 14 / 2018
          ESC Firmware: We are getting some troubling, yet unconfirmed news about the possibility of ESC firmware advantages over others. We are going to be adding a firmware rule that will take effect immediately, and will apply to this years event. Simply put, Approved ESC's must have Firmware versions that are available to the public. This rule should help to put to rest some of the rumours floating around. It will apply to all manufacturers, and will be checked at pre-race inspection for those ESC's that we have the equipment to check. At this point, we have the ability to check 5 of the top brands of ESC's, and this number is growing. We will have a laptop and or program devices at the tech table, and will be checking Firmware at our discretion. Go to our ESC List Page for more details about this rule.

          Jan 11 / 2018
          More Sponsors: We have some new and returning sponsors this year. Destiny & Fantom Motors are coming in for their first years sponsoring the Cdn Nats and will each be class sponsors. Skycraft Hobbies, Maclan, RC America, Xray, Hudy, & Tamiya are also returning as sponsorst for 2018.

          Jan 8 / 2018
          New And Returning Sponsors: We'd like to welcome back Protoform as a major sponsor of this years event. This will be their 9th year with us in the Seaway Mall. New this year, we'd like to welcome Team Scream Racing on board as the USVTA class sponsor for 2018.

          Jan 3 / 2018
          1:12 Stock Tire Rule: There is a big change to the spec tire for the 1:12 scale Stock 17.5 class. Japan Foam Tire (JFT) has come onboard as a sponsor for this year's Canadian Nats. Along with this sponsorship, the JFT Blue Stripe foam tires will be the spec tire for the 1:12 Stock class. 13.5 and Mod 1:12 will remain open tire classes. They will be available at the track to purchase for a discounted price during the race weekend.

          Oct 30 / 2017
          Entry Fee Now Includes A Meal: Prices have been updated and finalized. Schedule has been altered. The entry fee now includes a meal that will be catered at the track during Saturday evenings Round 4 qualifier. Estimated times are posted above.

          Sep 4 / 2017
          Website Updated: Dates have been posted for the 2018 event. Times are subject to change at any time. Some class changes have been made from last years event.