March 22 - 25 / 2018

Canadian Onroad Nationals Facebook Group

    We follow the ROAR approved ESC list for all classes that specify a "Blinky" ESC.

    All ESC's that are currently supported by their manufacturer must run a Firmware Version that is available to the public, either by downloading from their website, or through some type of updating device (program box, WiFi device, etc). In cases where the Firmware listed on the Approved ESC list is no longer available to the public, the next publicly available Firmware Version that was released after the one listed, will be considered legal. If the Firmware listed as approved is no longer available to the public by the manufacturer, then it will not be allowed at this event. If the Approved ESC is no longer supported by the manufacturer, and therefore no firmware is available to the public by them, then the firmware listed on the Approved ESC list will be what is legal in that ESC. NO third party firmware will be permitted, unless it is specifically listed on the Approved ESC list. If the firmware is listed as "Beta" firmware, it will NOT be permitted, unless it is on the Approved ESC list. All ESC manufacturers will be held to this rule, and will be checked at pre-race tech inspection prior to racing, at the tech official's discretion. Race Officials have the authority to inspect ESC Firmware at thier discretion, any time during the event. We currently have the capability to check several of the top manufacturers at this time, and are working on getting more devices for other manufacturers. This rule is subject to change at any time for clarification purposes. Our interpretation of the rule is the deciding factor in deciding if a violation has taken place or not. All decisions at the track will be based on Fair Play, and will be FINAL.