Mini Sport Rules and Specifications

Chassis Specifications:
  • Any Tamiya M03, M04, M05, or M06 chassis car that uses the 60D size tire or smaller
  • Tamiya Hop-Ups allowed, no chassis lightening allowed. 3rd Party replacement parts are allowed only if they keep to the original design of the car
  • Any plastic or aluminium damper may be used

    Motor and Gearing Specifications:
  • Brushed: Kit type closed-end bell, silver can motors are the only brushed motors allowed in this class. TCS rules apply for this motor.
  • Brushless: Any Approved 17.5 brushless motor with a rotor no bigger than 12.51mm are permitted only when paired with a non-boost/Blinky ESC.
  • Approved Blinky ESC list is ** Here **. This motor/ESC combo is limited to a maximum 20 tooth pinion.
  • Approved Brushless Motor List is << Here >>
  • Note: The EZ-Run/Yeah Racing 13T/3000Kv brushless motor/ESC combo is no longer permitted in this class.
  • For Silver can motors, it's legal to use the maximum pinion gear size on all front-drive and rear drive Mini cars. I.E. 20-tooth on the M03 and 21-tooth on the M04

    Battery Specifications:
  • Batteries allowed are: Any Hard Case, 5000mAh or lower LiPo - OR - Any Ni-Cad or NiMh that is 3300mAh or lower
  • Batteries can be tested at any time by officials and must not exceed a maximum of 8.44v.

    Tire Specifications:
  • Tamiya 60D rubber tires, inserts only. 3rd party rims are permitted only if the final mounted size is the same as a mounted Tamiya 60D tire and rim.
  • Stuffing tires with multiple inserts, or instersts not intented for use in the tire to create a "ballooned" tire, and producing overdrive is not legal. Tire diameter limit will be limited to 60mm. NO "double stuffing" tires.

    Body Specifications:
  • Any body made to fit the M-Chassis that it is used on is permitted
  • Body does not have to match it's drivetrain. For example: a front wheel drive chassis can use a rear wheel drive body
  • Bodies must be the 60D tires size

    If it's not in the rules, and does not encompass the spirit of a controlled racing class, consider it illegal. The class is based on slower, equal playing field competition with less traction, minimal aerodynamic aids. The final objective is close, fair, wheel-to-wheel racing for all. All decisions of the race promoter or track owner are final.