Novice Class Rules and Specifications

Lap Time Specifications:
  • Because this class is meant for beginners or novice level drivers, There will be a high minimum lap time set for this class. This is to encourage drivers, who's skills have improved, to move to a more appropriate class. Driving a lap under the minimum time will mean that crossing does not count. This will be set at the time of the event by race officials. There are no minimum or maximum age limits to this class.

    Chassis Specifications:
  • Any 1/10 or 1/12 Scale On-Road Chassis
  • No Off-Road vehicles will be permitted
  • Ride Height must match the chassis that is being used. Examples: Touring cars = 5mm min., 1/12 scale = 3mm min., Mini = No min. This is to protect the carpet racing surface and is not flexible

    Motor Specifications:
  • Any 540 size brushless motors with a wind count of no less than 13.5 turns
  • Any 540 size Brushed motors with a wind count of no less than 19 turns
  • Motors do not need to be on the approved motor list

    Battery Specifications:
  • Any Hard Case LiPo
  • Any Ni-Cad or NiMh
  • For safety reasons, all LiPo Batteries must not exceed a maximum of 8.44v

    Tire Specifications:
  • Any rubber or foam wheels and tires that are designed for the chassis they are mounted on. For example: 1/12 scale chassis must use 1/12 scale wheels and tires, and 1/10 scale Mini chassis must use wheels made for the mini chassis.

    Body Specifications:
  • Any body made to fit the chassis it is mounted on.

    If it's not in the rules, and does not encompass the spirit of a controlled racing class, consider it illegal. The class is meant for beginners or drivers that don't feel comfortable in a field with faster vehciles. All decisions of the race promoter or track owner are final.