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Open Truck Rules and Specifications

Tamiya Truck
Race 5 minute Qualifiers, 6 minute Mains
Ride Height 5mm Ride Height
  • The only chassis permitted is the |Tub Chassis" included with Tamiya kits #58632, #58642 and #58661
  • Tires
  • The only tires permitted are the part numbers included with Tamiya kits #58632, #58642 and #58661.
  • Body
  • Only bodies that resemble those that run in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship are permitted.
  • If it doesn't look like a rig that can haul a trailer, then it's not permitted (Insert current touring car bodie jokes here)
  • Weight
  • No Minimum weight limit for this class.
  • Battery
  • Hard case LiPo batteries.
  • Maximum LiPo battery voltage when tested is 8.40v.
  • Motor
  • Open Motor & Gearing.
  • Speed Control
  • Open ESC
  • This class is intended to be an open class with the exception of the main tub chassis, the tires, and truck bodies. Other modifications are permitted. In other words, it has to look like a truck.