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Tamiya MAN Truck Rules and Specifications

Tamiya Truck
Race Unique Pentathlon Style Race Format. 5 Different Races with an overal points total.
Ride Height 5mm Ride Height
  • The only chassis permitted is the one included with Tamiya kits #58632, #58642 and #58661
  • Chassis must be assembled as per kit instructions
  • Bearings replacing the kit plastic bushings are permitted, and are the only allowed upgrade from what's supplied in the kit.
  • This is a "box stock" class intended to promote close competition. If you are looking for a competative edge on chassis tweaking, or pushing rules, then this is not the class for you.
  • Tires
  • The only tires permitted are the part numbers included with Tamiya kits #58632, #58642 and #58661.
  • Body
  • The only bodies permitted are the part number included in Tamiya kits #58632, #58642 and #58661.
  • All bodies must be cut to the molded cut lines and assembled as intended by the kit instructions.
  • Weight
  • Whatever it ends up weighing, when built according to the instrucitons and the body painted
  • Battery
  • Hard case LiPo batteries that fit the chassis, as designed, without modifying the battery or chassis.
  • Maximum Capacity of LiPo batteries shall be no greater than 6000mAh
  • Maximum LiPo battery voltage when tested is 8.40v
  • Any 6 cell Sub-C NiMh battery that fits the chassis, as designed, without modifying the battery or chassis.
  • Motor
  • The only motor permitted is #54358 RS-540 Torque-Tuned Motor included with Tamiya kits #58632, #58642 and #58661
  • Stock Gear ratio only
  • Speed Control
  • The only ESC permitted is the TBLE-02S included in Tamiya kits #58632, #58642 and #58661
  • ESC battery connector may be changed to fit the battery used in the chassis.
  • Motor bullet connectors must remain as they came in the kit.
  • This class is to be based on kits built as the instrucitons intended. Anything you might consider a "grey area" is to be treated as illegal, unless approved by the race organizers. Parts used other than the kit isntructions intend them to be will be considered illegal. bodies mounted in a manner other than the kit instructions intend will be considered illegal. Motors altered to gain a performance advantage are absolutely illegal.